What Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer Should Have Said

To be rather open with the reader, I actually approve of impeachment based on the limited information I’ve seen. The January 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol was a national disgrace. That is not a controversial thing to say. The question for impeachment is this: What did Trump have anything to do with it?

However, that being said, the present issue is rather complicated. The question is about whether it is proper to move forward with the impeachment trial. On that issue, I think the argument of Rep. Raskin (someone I have also had the opportunity to speak to, because he taught at my law school) had some serious flaws.

Therefore, because if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself, here is what I think the Trump Lawyers should have said.

The Dangerous Postmodernist Words of Kristen Clarke

Recently, I saw a report that a nominee to run the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Kristen Clarke, was a woman who had written some very racist things in the past. I saw this allegation on Fox News, and so I was suspicious that it was overblown.

After reading everything, it seems the allegation was UNDER-blown. These aren’t “racist” things. They are literally “Black Supremacist” things.

The First Amendment and “Company Towns”

Recently, we’ve seen a pattern of problems with internet companies. Things are not right. I don’t have to tell you what it is, but you know. Things get banned. People get demonetized. Posts get hidden. Ideologies get enforced. People’s right to speak gets curtailed. Most Americans want our rights to apply to the ACTUAL world…

So, Would Jesus Wear a Mask?

This post is the third in a series. The previous post addressed how to confront rules that are designed to improve your life, but have the effect of making you want to jump off a bridge. It answers the question “Would Jesus Wear a Mask?” Christ and Caesar and the Church Not long ago, Pastor…

Of Masks And Men

This post is the first in a series about COVID-19. It’s about masks, social distancing, quarantine rules, and shut-downs going on in America. People are upset. Obviously. And they’re wondering why this could happen. This post is here to help. First, it explains the history of the authority of these laws. Second, it moves on…

Posts From the Pandemic

The pandemic persists. COVID continues. Kung-flu might get you. Rona got real. And I am still writing. Therefore, in keeping with the times, this page is a collection of posts on masks, social distancing, crappy rules, fear, and how people should deal with circumstances that just absolutely stink. There are three parts: This first post…

What We Learn from the New George Floyd Case Document

It is clear that these facts will be fatal to the case against Thomas Lane, as it is difficult NOT to have serious doubts about his “aiding and abetting” a murder when video evidence shows he calls an ambulance and gives CPR to the allegedly murdered person. How do you aid and abet a particular action if you are repeatedly suggesting a different course of action?

The Black Lives Matter (TM) Marxist Revolution

As protests from Black Lives Matter (TM) move from declaring that “Black Lives Matter” to “Defund the Police” to tearing down statues, this may be difficult to comprehend. As I tried to explain before, there are certain tactics that are being used these days that involve lies. I wrote about how private individuals can use…

What You Need to Know About Elijah McClain’s Death

On November 8, 2019, Elijah McClain died after an encounter with police in Aurora Colorado on August 24, 2019. The District Attorney determined that no crime had been committed, and the case was dropped. But protests came, and even stopped city council meetings, and now in the wake of the post-George-Floyd activism, a special prosecutor…

A New Form of Assault: The “Seattle Karen.”

The next thing to notice is that this woman was definitely afraid, and her reaction may have been more than what was warranted. But it’s important to note that she wasn’t irrationally afraid. She stated what she was worried about at the very beginning of the video, and it happened.