Against Trump

Friends Don’t Let Friends Stumble Into Fascism.

Have Mercy

What kind of a person has a baby that we find in a toilet? Perhaps it’s a person alone enough, poor enough, money-less enough, friendless enough, and helpless enough to have a baby on a toilet.

But What If the Markers Were Correct? The Legal Discrimination and Mandatory Segregation For Those With Cystic Fibrosis

A story about cystic fibrosis and genetics has been making rounds on the internet fairly recently. Many people and many publications are talking about it. A student was removed from school because of his “genes.” The student (child A) with “genetic markers of cystic fibrosis” was removed from school and sent away merely because of a test he received as…

TAKE TWO: Does Ted Cruz Have a Citizenship Problem? Well…. No.

*****So, in my last post, (since deleted) I narrated my worries that developed when trying to research a reliable answer on Ted Cruz’s presidential eligibility. I put out my worry and asked to be proven wrong. I was proven wrong. Really wrong. My reading of a law was completely off. I felt compelled to take…

What if….

What if North Korea actually did have just a regular earthquake?

Eternal Strife and Progressives

The progressive sees the world in groups, not because that’s what he thinks is a good description of the world, but because that’s what the world IS. All other descriptions are covers for the real fact of groups acting with each other, for each other, or against each other.