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Why Won’t They Listen?


Several days ago, I did my best to explain the problem that led to the Oregon Uprising. It was good enough for many of you to share and view. Thank you for your attention.

Despite that positive feedback, I am so humbled that I am embarrassed by how small my attempt looks in comparison to Representative Greg Walden’s speech.

His knowledge and eloquence rules the day. His presentation shows how something that seemingly will never touch us  Everyone should watch his speech all the way through.

“How do you have faith in a government that doesn’t ever listen to you? How do you have faith in a government, when elected representatives write a law, those charged with the responsibility of implementing it choose to go the other direction and not do so?”

That is a danger that is bigger than an undue sentence. That is a danger that is bigger than environmental policy. That is a danger that connects cities, suburbs, small towns, and wilderness.

It is a vast, beautiful, harsh, and dangerous wilderness that the ranchers love and care for. And it is those ranchers whom we ridicule in our tweets and comments (mine included). When my time comes to be persecuted and misunderstood by multitudes of others who do not understand my trouble, I hope others will at least take the time to listen fully to my plea.

Get ready to be humbled. Watch it all.



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