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The George Floyd Series

"I am lost for words, I am baffled, I am hurt, I can't fathom what his family is going through. This is hate," said Dale Zarlee, 35, as he stands in front of the George Floyd mural at the intersection of 38th St. and Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis Saturday, May 30 2020. (Scott Takushi / Pioneer Press)


To centralize the pieces I’ve written on George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, the three other officers involved in the arrest, Excited Delirium, the Medical Examiners’ reports, and anything else that might prove worth writing about, I’ve created this post for a central place to link to each of the issues.

Feel free to share this link to direct all of your friends to LITERALLY the only person on Planet Earth who seems to have reported on what I have written. (But based on my stats, I don’t think I’m the only person who is thinking this way!)

Below, find the links to:

  1. The Overview of Video Evidence Regarding George Floyd’s Death (Including 911-call Transcript)
  2. The Overview of the Prosecution’s Problems with it’s Case Against Derek Chauvin (Including an identification of incorrect information provided by political leaders)
  3. A Plea to Heal Our Nation (Including an extended discussion of Excited Delirium, with a possible explanation for why George Floyd was restrained in the way he was restrained)
  4. A Review of the Statements of the Independent Medical Examiner’s Press Statements on the Death of George Floyd (Including discussion on the lack of evidence against Derek Chauvin that it reveals)
  5. A Review of the “Potential Intoxicants” Revealed by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner (And incorporating this information to what we know of the timeline of George Floyd’s Death)
  6. A Review of the Difficulties the Prosecution Faces in the Prosecution of the Three Additional Officers Involved with George Floyd’s Arrest (Including what the new Complaint documents reveal about evidence)
  7. A Review of Police Procedure and Medical Discussion of Individuals with Excited Delirium (Including how this training corresponds to what was done with George Floyd).
  8. A Review of the Motion to Dismiss Filed by Thomas K. Lane (Including the additional evidence we learn from the exhibits).
  9. A Review of the Motion to Dismiss Filed by Derek Chauvin (Including what it means for the rest of the prosecution).
  10. A Review of the Order on the Motion to Dismiss Filed by Derek Chauvin (Including a previous of Issues at Trial and What this Step in the Process Means)
  11. The Bizarre Attempt to Keep the Public from Viewing the George Floyd Trial (Including a review of the Orders and the State’s arguments).
  12. The State’s Strange Motion for a Continuance in the Derek Chauvin Trial (Including an insight into some of the discovery disputes which do not reflect very well on the prosecution).
  13. A Review of the Trial of Derek Chauvin (Summarizing a great deal of the evidence, as well as video excerpts of the relevant testimony).

Links to the relevant underlying documents are contained in each post. This post will be updated as new George Floyd posts are generated.

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For the information of the readers, I am an attorney licensed to practice law. I am not licensed to practice in Minnesota, and I have very limited experience in criminal law. However, I have general civil litigation experience that relates to issues like this one. All of the matters contained in this blog are intended to be news and editorial in nature, and none of the topics should be construed as legal advice.

However, if you need legal advice, I know a very good looking attorney licensed to practice law. I can hook you up.

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