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This page started as a small blog with a few personal musings. It has grown to a medium-sized blog with more personal musings. I can tell you with unbridled confidence that I am the world’s leading expert on whatever particular subject I write on. The only caveat to this is that almost no one in the world will recognize this expertise, so assert this claim at your own risk.

If you’re curious about my credentials and who I am, I can confidently say that I am an ordinary protestant Christian who believes in all of the normal Christian Creeds. As an evangelical Christian growing up in the 90s, this also includes the band “Creed.” I wear this silly evangelical history On My Sleeve, and this blog welcomes you With Arms Wide Open. So, Are You Ready? Because this blog will take you Higher, throwing out Beautiful posts like Bullets. I recommend perusing the blog if you’re Weathered, trapped in My Own Prison, wondering “What If,” or for those who are Six Feet From the Edge, thinking “maybe six feet ain’t so far down.” I’m Torn about My Sacrifice of giving more Time to this joke, since some of you will go Away In Silence, but Who’s Got My Back? I’m sure some you will Stand Here With Me. How many more Creed these references do I have? One. Haha. Don’t worry. This Is The End.

No, I am not a pastor and I am not a minister. However, my one credential is that I believe literally everything I read in the Bible. Like, literally everything, even the part where the sun stops in the sky and doesn’t go down for an entire day. As such, I tend to be pretty weird in some of my understandings of the Bible and the cosmos. Also, I am a lawyer, so woe is me (see Luke 11:52). But pay your legal bills anyway, because it’s in the Bible (see Titus 3:13). I have a B.A., M.A.T., and J.D., graduating from each institution per charitatem exilium, omnino latuit, and per graciam solius dei, respectively.

I blog because I cannot stop myself from speaking about what I have seen and heard (see 1 John 1-4), and that’s what the internet is for. The main subjects on this blog include the Bible, politics, history, astronomy (in a traditional sense), astrology (which I do not believe in, but which is the point of traditional astronomy), the law, general philosophy, poetry, and how all of these things relate. If you read for long, you will note that I have very strange ideas, and I’m not ashamed of them. I may be wrong sometimes, and I invite correction (put it in the comments!).

If I say the Bible says something “in Greek” or “in Hebrew,” then 99% of the time, I am relying on the interlinear Bible on BibleHub, which you can access here. It uses the Westminster Leningrad Codex for the Old Testament and the “Eberhard Nestle, Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ. Text with Critical Apparatus. (British and Foreign Bible Society, 1904)” text as a base for the New Testament. (Apparently that information is important to scholars, so there you go.) If I refer to something outside of the Bible that is “in Greek,” then it is either the interlinear Septuagint (which I access through this website) or some individual source that I’ve probably cited in the post itself. If you want to know my factual sources, then look in the individual post. I try to provide links to all my sources in the text of the blog post. 

If there is no source, I probably came up with the idea myself, which is your clue to be very careful. You will l find that I’m not a tame writer, but I’m good.

That being said, I would like to draw attention to three sources that should probably get more citations than they receive. It is not so much an issue of plagiarism, but instead, these individuals are just so pervasive in the way I think, so I just think they deserve a special citation, even though they do not always make their way into a link:

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