Rupert Sheldrake and Science

“Modern Science is based on the principle, ‘Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.'”

A Laudably Discriminatory Congress

An industry group claims that the new H-1B fee increases are discriminatory against Indians (from the Indian subcontinent, not Native-Americans). Are they correct? Yes. Should we care? No. One important thing to remember is that Congress’s power over Immigration and visas is plenary. That means there are no restraints on what they can do. Even if…

Eternal Strife and Progressives

The progressive sees the world in groups, not because that’s what he thinks is a good description of the world, but because that’s what the world IS. All other descriptions are covers for the real fact of groups acting with each other, for each other, or against each other.

The Obscured View

Here’s a good update on the last piece. Trevin Wax from the Gospel Coalition gives a nice run-down of the other side of the remarkable conversation that happened on the View. Keep this utter confusion of the gospel in mind, by genuinely open and decent people (like Raven Symone), when you think about how you…

Be Good for Goodness Sake?

…remind them that this phrase is a line from a Christmas song whose message is that you should be good so that you are rewarded for it on Christmas.