The Resurrection of Lazarus Explained

This post is the fifth and final of a series that explains the seven signs in the gospel of John. Important in this series is the difference between a sign and a miracle. See this previous post to understand that difference. To summarize, a “sign” is something that has the elements of an analogy or…

Healing the Man Born Blind Explained

This post is the fourth in a series that explains the seven signs in the gospel of John. In the gospel of John, there are seven signs of Jesus: Changing water into wine at the wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11); Healing the royal official’s son (John 4:46-54); Healing the paralyzed man at the pool of…

Healing at the Pool of Bethesda Explained

This post is the second in a series. We are explaining the seven signs in the gospel of John. This one explains the healing at the pool of Bethesda. Previous, I explained what a “sign” is and what the difference is between “sign” and “miracle.” I then explained how turning water into wine and healing…

The Wedding at Cana Explained

While Jesus does many “miracles” in the gospels, the gospel of John is different. Jesus doesn’t do “miracles.” Instead, he does seven SIGNS. You can see many articles like the one at this link that describe what the seven signs are. But here’s the list that is commonly given: Changing water into wine at the…

Weird Biblical Chronology – Where Did Noah Go In The Ark?

Noah “left the timeline” and “leaving the timeline” means that Noah went to heaven where he was not subject to the normal rules of time. I know how crazy this sounds, but I don’t care. I’m serious, and I’m going to defend it. By the end of this post, my goal is not for you to believe this is any less “crazy,” (because there’s no hope there). Instead, it is merely my goal to show that things that we know are crazy are not as implausible as we previously thought.

Derek Chauvin Jurors and the Motion to Vacate

Welp, looks like that’s over, and I was wrong. I was predicting that Derek Chauvin would be found innocent based on what I saw in the trial. However, on April 20, 2021, Derek Chauvin was found guilty. Therefore, I suppose that it is the end of all that. Except that is probably not the end of that. Here’s why.

A Review of the Trial of Derek Chauvin

If Derek Chauvin is found “not guilty,” he will not be found “not guilty” based on some complicated legal technicality, a burden of proof problem, or anything like that. Instead, he will be found “not guilty” because the evidence did not exist to convict him of a crime. More than that, it is most likely he will be found “not guilty” because he is actually innocent, not merely “not guilty.”

The Word “Begotten,” Inheritance, and the Genealogy of Matthew’s Gospel

This post is about the specific word “begotten” in scripture. My point is that it is a bad to eliminate the word “begotten” from Bibles and from our theological understanding. Unfortunately, we have almost forgotten what the word means at all. Contrary to popular belief, the word “begotten” does not mean “fathered” and it does not mean “born.” Instead, it is a word with no modern equivalent, but it is still a very important word with serious effects on theology and our understanding of God and the Bible.

The Chambers of the South, the Mazzaroth, and the Constellations of Job

The book of Job in the Bible is a very ancient book. That is why it is so amazing that we actually get some consistent names for things mentioned in the book that stay consistent across 4,000 years or so. I’m talking about the names of constellations. We’re going to explore the constellations and astronomy that we get in Job. There are a lot of surprises and some really good poetry.