The Foolish and the Wise

The Foolish and the Wiseby J. Caleb Jones, all rights reserved A man was despondent and down on his luck—He long had been hopeless and stupid and stuck.A neighborhood pub was his frequent abode,But this rainy evening, he somberly strodeIn the sorrow that comes when you see you’re a fool.He sat at the end of…

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst and Suicide

In a truly tragic turn of events, former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst jumped from a building in New York City and ended her life. This event reminded me of two things I have written, both of which involved poetry, because important things deserve some poetry. But it also made me want to respond, which I…

Irrational Beauty

Regular readers might not know this, but I’m married. And I love my wife. She is spunky, passionate, fun, and loves true-crime murder novels. She is smart and passionate. And she loves me almost as much as she loves our two cats. And you may think that is a complaint, but if you knew how…

“Night and Day”

What would one profit and what would be gained, 
If everything seen in the day was attained? 
What would one forfeit and what would be lost,  
If everything seen in the night was the cost?  

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?

Sticks and stones do shatter bones, but I cannot agree.