Weird Biblical Chronology – Where Did Noah Go In The Ark?

Noah “left the timeline” and “leaving the timeline” means that Noah went to heaven where he was not subject to the normal rules of time. I know how crazy this sounds, but I don’t care. I’m serious, and I’m going to defend it. By the end of this post, my goal is not for you to believe this is any less “crazy,” (because there’s no hope there). Instead, it is merely my goal to show that things that we know are crazy are not as implausible as we previously thought.

Multiple “Sons of God” in a Weird Part of Scripture

This post is a throw-back to my “Weird Parts of Scripture” series. If you’re interested, a while back, I wrote a crazy series that took Atlantis seriously and that spent a lot of time on Noah and the Flood. I even wrote a really fun piece about “Titans” in the Bible, and I followed it…