The Utter Defeat of Satan by Christ

There is something funny in scripture that I’ve noticed. I do not think it gets enough attention. We all know that God is good and powerful and mighty and victorious, etc. etc. But I’ve noticed that God is also quite a show off. This is particularly reflected in the following passage from 1 Corinthians: But God…

How Did The Planets Get Their Names?

This post isn’t about remembering the planet names. This post is about remembering WHY the planets are named what they are named. Everybody knows that the planets correspond to classical characters in mythology. But I’m answering the question “Why did the ancients connect THAT spot of light — and not any other spot of light — to this PARTICULAR deity — and not another deity?”

As I’d like to show, there is actually an answer.

The Problem With Amanda Gorman’s Poem at the Joe Biden Inauguration

I watched the reading, and its presentation had the same tone, tenor, and pace of the “poetry” I’ve seen in many places these days.

Here’s my problem with the poem: IT IS NOT POETRY. If you read it at a different pace, it is A SPEECH.

Now, granted, it is a good speech. It has random rhymes with no real pattern (just like a speech). It has a nice flow, but no real meter (just like a speech). It has poetic metaphors, phrases, and analogy, but no set structure (just like a speech). It is a good speech, but it is a speech. It is not a poem, except for the fact that it has odd spacing when printed.

“The Myth of Atlantis” and the Weird Parts of Scripture

This is a series about the weird parts of scripture. These are the stories that you learn in Sunday School, but then never revisit because they are too weird. Nobody believes that stuff. Creation. Adam and Eve. Talking Snakes. Heavenly beings having sex with women and producing Giants. Ages of primordial man which leads back…

The Reason Jesus Wept

The question I want to answer in this post is “WHY did Jesus weep?” After doing some digging, I believe I found an answer. It is not what most people think, because I do not believe anyone has noticed the thing that I have noticed.

Answering Theological Questions With a Perspective Change

The book of Hebrews gives the following description of Christ when it encourages us to have faith: Therefore let us also, seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that…

Break-Down of the Motion to Dismiss All Charges Against Derek Chauvin

This post is one of a series. This post explains the Motion to Dismiss the charges (link here) against Derek Chauvin, filed on August 28, 2020. The links the to full case documents, including attachments can be accessed here. In short, there is a very good chance of success on the Motion to Dismiss. This…

When Life-Saving Rules Make You Want to Die

The problem here is that I don’t know which rules are more important than others. Science may give us some info on this. However, your location, your town’s population density, your medical history, and your age, job, or whatever else may be equally important. Just be aware. Keep in mind your area’s hospital capacity. Keep in mind your neighbor’s worries. Keep in mind your obligations. Keep in mind the legitimate authority of the government. Keep it all in mind, and then make your decisions.

So, to my readers: Wear a mask, or at least be ready to wear a mask. Learn how to be kind to people who have different opinions about what they value. Be kind. Don’t be harsh. Be ready to serve. Don’t be judgmental. Celebrate your freedom, especially your freedom to love and serve one another.

Of Masks And Men

This post is the first in a series about COVID-19. It’s about masks, social distancing, quarantine rules, and shut-downs going on in America. People are upset. Obviously. And they’re wondering why this could happen. This post is here to help. First, it explains the history of the authority of these laws. Second, it moves on…

Posts From the Pandemic

The pandemic persists. COVID continues. Kung-flu might get you. Rona got real. And I am still writing. Therefore, in keeping with the times, this page is a collection of posts on masks, social distancing, crappy rules, fear, and how people should deal with circumstances that just absolutely stink. There are three parts: This first post…

What We Learn from the New George Floyd Case Document

It is clear that these facts will be fatal to the case against Thomas Lane, as it is difficult NOT to have serious doubts about his “aiding and abetting” a murder when video evidence shows he calls an ambulance and gives CPR to the allegedly murdered person. How do you aid and abet a particular action if you are repeatedly suggesting a different course of action?