The Problem With the “Woke Church” Debate by The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition recently began a series of videos in which they have debates between two people on important cultural issues. The first issue was on “gun control.” The second was on the idea of a “Woke” church. I’d like to talk about the second one. The introduction to the debate on “woke church” was…

The Dangerous Postmodernist Words of Kristen Clarke

Recently, I saw a report that a nominee to run the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Kristen Clarke, was a woman who had written some very racist things in the past. I saw this allegation on Fox News, and so I was suspicious that it was overblown.

After reading everything, it seems the allegation was UNDER-blown. These aren’t “racist” things. They are literally “Black Supremacist” things.

The Black Lives Matter (TM) Marxist Revolution

As protests from Black Lives Matter (TM) move from declaring that “Black Lives Matter” to “Defund the Police” to tearing down statues, this may be difficult to comprehend. As I tried to explain before, there are certain tactics that are being used these days that involve lies. I wrote about how private individuals can use…

What You Need to Know About Elijah McClain’s Death

On November 8, 2019, Elijah McClain died after an encounter with police in Aurora Colorado on August 24, 2019. The District Attorney determined that no crime had been committed, and the case was dropped. But protests came, and even stopped city council meetings, and now in the wake of the post-George-Floyd activism, a special prosecutor…

A New Form of Assault: The “Seattle Karen.”

The next thing to notice is that this woman was definitely afraid, and her reaction may have been more than what was warranted. But it’s important to note that she wasn’t irrationally afraid. She stated what she was worried about at the very beginning of the video, and it happened.

The George Floyd Series

To centralize the pieces I’ve written on George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, the three other officers involved in the arrest, Excited Delirium, the Medical Examiners’ reports, and anything else that might prove worth writing about, I’ve created this post for a central place to link to each of the issues. Feel free to share this link…

Why I Do Not Believe In “Systemic Racism”

Now that I have your attention with that title about issues of race and justice and police and all that, let me ask a question that is on a separate subject: “Do you believe in Epicycles?” If you don’t understand the question, it’s probably because you are not as interested in astronomy as I am….

Christians: Beware of “Black Lives Matter (TM)”

Not long ago, I wrote about the dangers of Postmodernism to both our culture and our faith. Now, I’m going to get very specific and jump right in: Christians, Beware of Black Lives Matter (TM). The Obvious Caveats I put that (TM) in there to remove any ambiguity. Do black lives matter? Of course. Is…