New Life and the Waters Above the Firmament

The purpose of this post is to show how rich the Bible’s metaphorical or symbolic ( or literal?) use of the words “the deep” (tehom) and “the heavens” (shamayim) actually are. By understanding this conceptual framework, you can understand some very deep and complex things that the Bible communicates.

Are You Sure You Know Joseph’s Hometown?

So let’s talk about Joseph —  the supposed Father of Jesus (Luke 3:23), betrothed to Mary (Luke 1:27) — Where was he actually from? Nazareth, right? That’s what everybody thinks. He and his high-school sweetheart Mary, who was prego-by-the-Holy-Spirit with ya-boy J.C. got married and then went to the ancient ancestral home of Joseph’s 900-year-old-great-granddaddy…