What We Learn from the New George Floyd Case Document

It is clear that these facts will be fatal to the case against Thomas Lane, as it is difficult NOT to have serious doubts about his “aiding and abetting” a murder when video evidence shows he calls an ambulance and gives CPR to the allegedly murdered person. How do you aid and abet a particular action if you are repeatedly suggesting a different course of action?

George Floyd and Police Training To Treat Excited Delirium

This is another piece on the continuing series about George Floyd. This piece looks at police training for people with Excited Delirium. As I have already described in previous posts, and as the Complaints against the officers have demonstrated, the officers responding to the call about George Floyd had already called an ambulance before George…

A Suggestion for Policing the Police

This is the fourth piece in a series. It offers a suggestion for holding police accountable for bad acts, as the current system we have does not seem to work. My Previous Reporting and the Current Situation Right now, the nation is reeling and angry after witnessing the death of George Floyd of Minneapolis. Four…

A Series For Christians, Citizens, Brothers, and Riots

The last series of mine (here, here, here, here, and here) was perhaps the first time in my life that I have ever been absolutely and completely alone in my opinion about a very important matter. I’ve been alone in some things, but not like that. But from what I can tell from my stats…

Have Mercy

What kind of a person has a baby that we find in a toilet? Perhaps it’s a person alone enough, poor enough, money-less enough, friendless enough, and helpless enough to have a baby on a toilet.