A New Form of Assault: The “Seattle Karen.”

Not long ago, I wrote about a spiritual enemy that leads people to lie to gain power. This post is a case study for how that enemy actually operates to do evil things.

Social Humiliation as a Calculated Attack

The following video is a disturbing. It is not disturbing because it shows any violence or force, but because of how sinister and petty the actor is. The video is here:

We should be careful about believing what we hear here (from either party), but based on admissions and consistency, I have figured out a basic sense about what happened, even though the facts are fuzzy.

It seems the woman was in her car in a lane slightly behind the Videoer, who was in his car. As they are driving, the road goes from two lanes to one lane. After this point, the woman speeds up, and pulls back in front of the Videoer. Supposedly, she “brake checks” the Videoer, which I suppose means puts her brakes on suddenly, in a spat of vehicular anger. Then it seems that somehow, they had words, though we do not know where or how.

The video begins with the Videoer approaching the woman and reducing her to absolute fear and tears and guttural sobs for around 10 minutes.

The worst part is, it was all based on lies. You can pick them out if you listen closely to the video, as I did.

The Lies That Were Recorded

I’ve transcribed the video during the most relevant part of gaining the facts, and described what lies came from it below.

[Starting at 9:05 in the video]

Videoer: So clearly, I’m like “I’m not having it,” and I whip my little car around, and I was like “uh uh!” And then she parked here and I parked there, and that’s when you heard, and I was like “Ma’am, why’d you do that?” and then she start “DON’T CALL ME KAREN!” I don’t understand why I can’t just drive, and then, if there’s road rage, or if there’s some type of disagreement, then– YOU SAW HER!

Bystander 1: I saw it!

Videoer: She had already brake-checked me and already flicked me off and said– and she followed me. Did she not?

Bystander 1: And she’s like “Did you know how many Black Lives Matter marches I’ve gone to?” And I’m like, “It doesn’t matter if this is how you act when you’re by yourself.”

Bystander 2: Sorry for just —

Videoer: Well, I’ll turn this off so she feel comfortable.

Bystander 1: Yeah.

Bystander 2: Well, I saw her start to break down down, so I came over to say–

Bystander 1: Well, that’s how the world works. You see a white woman break down, and you automatically take her side!

Videoer: (To the woman) I’d just like to say that I did not try to ruin your day or anything.

Woman: I’M SORRY!

Videoer: You literally cut me off. Flipped me off, correct?

Woman: I did! But it wasn’t in the way you– Let me finish… I… I didn’t mean to, because I was…

Videoer: But what did I do illegally? I have to merge!

Woman: I know, but… Can I talk?

Videoer: Yes.

Woman: [Sobbing] My heart! My heart!

Videoer: Ma’am, you can’t be going around flipping people off.

Woman: I didn’t know you…. I just want to touch you for some reason because I want you…

Videoer: Doooon’t touch me!

Woman: I understand, because, you are a stranger… and…

Videoer: I understand.

Woman: Will you please look me in the eyes

Videoer: You’re not going to be on Instagram. I’m not going to ruin your life. That’s not my goal here.

Woman: I promise, my heart… is all about this movement…

Videoer: The issue is, YOU flipped me off. YOU brake-checked me. And THEN when I tried to speak to you — she saw it —

Woman: You scared me! I backed up my car and went up the hill.

Bystander 1: You SPEED-demoned out of there.

Woman: Yeah! Because I was scared!

Bystander 1: You didn’t even shut your door before you went!

Videoer: But so you’re scared but I… I tried to speak to you.

Woman: You had your camera in my face and I was like “Oh my God!”

Videoer: But what do black men do when officers come with their guns? We have to sit there and we can’t speed away!

Woman: I know!

Bystander 1: And that’s why he felt the need to pull out his phone, to make sure that he was protected!

Videoer: And that’s why I did that. Because you were following me, that’s why I had my phone out, correct?

Bystander 1: That is simply in the case of a court of law: If you tried to come after him in a court of law, he had a defense.

Woman: I get it but he was calling me a Karen and he came up in my face– Can I please talk now?

Videoer: Yes.

Woman: I totally… please, please please! [Sobbing]

Bystander 3: F**k off, dude!

Woman: I want to grab your hand because [indistinguishable] you can understand, my heart!

Videoer: The issue started with YOU flipping a stranger off for no reason! I don’t know if you’re having a bad day, but I’m a black gay man and I live my life going through this every day…

Woman: [Sobbing] I know… I know…

Videoer: And you flipped me off because I had to merge, that’s not fair!

Woman: I didn’t mean– I know you won’t understand this, but….

Videoer: Just spread love and happiness. That’s all I need.

Woman: WAIT! If you only knew me on a daily basis!

Videoer: Dare to resist homophobia and racism! I live this life!

Woman: [Sobbing] I tried to let you know–

Videoer: This is a learning lesson. Just be a good person. Don’t flip me off.

Woman: You don’t know me! I wish you did!

Videoer: I don’t. I don’t.

Woman: Can I explain my perception?

Videoer: I don’t care.

Woman: [Sobbing] PLEASE care! Because I’m so shook right now! Because I care about YOU!

Videoer: All I know is that you flipped me off, and when I tried to have a conversation with you, you backed up. You went like this [gesture unknown].

Woman: Can I please tell my side? And then you can, you can, you can just call me a liar if you wish, but I–

Videoer: I’m not here to call you anything. I really have stuff to do.

Woman: I really want to tell [sobbing] what happened, please!

Bystander 3: [To Videoer] F**k off, man!

Videoer: I am! I’m moving on! She wanted to

Woman: [sobs] No! I’m sorry, I– [guttural sobs] I really am sorry.

Videoer: It’s okay.

Woman: Okay, so we were coming around that — I don’t know the streets very well, so please forgive me — [sobs]

Videoer: Can you just grieve instead of crying?

Woman: I’m sorry, my heart is just breaking because you don’t know how much I love humanity. And I’m so…

Videoer: Then why are you flipping people off?

Woman: PLEASE! Would you stop throwing that in my face for just a moment!

Videoer: Alright, so my name is Karlos Dillard

Woman: [sobbing] My name is Leigh Anne.

Videoer: So, I apologize taht you had a bad day, but I don’t have time for your– I don’t have time. I really don’t.

Woman: I understand.

Videoer: You flipped me off…

Woman: Please! I wish you would just–

Videoer: You flipped me off. I don’t know why the reason is. I don’t want to hear your white tears. I don’t have time for it.

Woman: I know, I–

Videoer: Have a good day!

Woman: I know I’m just white, but…

Videoer: YOU started it, and YOU tried to cry your way out of it. Anyway, have a good day everybody.

[End of conversation at 13:43]

A Break-Down of the Lies

Let’s take a minute to untangle some of the lies here. In no particular order, and not at all complete, here is a list of the lies I’ve counted:

ONE. He said he wouldn’t post this video to Instagram. He lied. I got the video from Instagram.

TWO. Earlier he said he would stop recording to make her feel better. He lied. The phone is recording in his pocket.

Also, let’s note that Washington State is a “two-party consent” state, meaning that this recording was illegal. It’s both a crime and subject to a civil lawsuit. See here for details.

THREE. He said he wouldn’t ruin her life. He lied. Not only did he put it on Instagram, he’s selling T-Shirts ridiculing her pleas to not socially crucify her:

FOUR. He said “The issue started with YOU flipping a stranger for no reason!” He lied, but we’ll return to this one.

FIVE. He said, “You were scared, but I tried to speak to you.” As we can tell from the video, it is highly doubtful that he was merely trying to “speak to her.” He had his phone out from the beginning. He was trying to record her and shame her, which he did. He brings up the death of black men at the hands of cops to defend himself cornering her car with his own and then exiting to video her and shame her. He is a liar.

SIX. He said, “And you flipped me off because I had to merge, that’s not fair!” Oh….boy. He lied. He said that HE had to merge. He just admitted that he broke the traffic law. If SHE had to merge, then she would need to yield to him. But since HE had to merge, then that means it was his duty to make sure that his change of lanes was safe. He thinks it’s “not fair” about what happened. That’s cute, but nobody cares if it’s fair. He changed lanes when he wasn’t supposed to. That’s why he got flipped off. Though he claims she wasn’t treating him fairly, HE wasn’t treating HER fairly.

Not only is this Videoer lying to this woman, the amazing part is that HE is the one in the wrong here. You can see him describe his illegal lane change at about 6:00 mark with a conversation with a sympathetic bystander.

SEVEN. Here is the real key. He claims “She needs to apologize for calling me a n*gger and flipping me off!” Though I cannot prove it, I am 99.99% positive that this is a lie. Why? Let me make my case.

My Evidence

The first claim that he is called a n*gger is at 1:45, when the heroic Bystander 3 (the real hero in this situation) yells at the Videoer to stop bothering the woman (which he obviously is doing).

In his defense of his actions, he claims that she “flipped me off and called him a n*gger,” even though his complaint up to that point had only been that she cut him off and flipped him off.

He continues to describe his problem to several other sympathetic bystanders, and even monologues the problem to himself. He never brings up the slur. He only brings up the traffic issue and finger.

Then, when a non-sympathetic bystander comes over at around the 8:00 mark, he once again claims that she called him a n*gger. He then goes over to talk to the woman and confront her on her wrongdoing.

And yet, in that confrontation, he never claims to her that she called him the slur.

The allegation disappears. It never comes back up, even in his own monologue in his car after the event is over, even in the follow-up video he made, the accusation goes back to traffic and the finger. See below:

He ALMOST claims that the slur came out at the very end, repeating his original complaint, but he cuts himself off.

My Argument

I believe he can’t bring himself to say the lie again (though his goal in ALMOST bringing it up it to build his credibility), even though he was shouting it in the street before to defend and justify himself.

Which of the following actions is the most deserving of scorn?

  1. Cutting someone off in traffic.
  2. Giving the middle finger in traffic.
  3. Calling a black man a n*gger to his face.

How much scorn does this man allot to #3? How does he use #3 in the videos he sees. Isn’t it obvious that he’s not upset by it? Isn’t it obvious that he’s ONLY using it to build his credibility?

Cross-Examination on Credibility

Not only this, but to build his victim status even more, the illustrious Videoer posted the following video on his Instagram page to prove that white people are oppressing black people. A friend videos his arrest. The video is below.

While we do not know WHY he is being arrested, let’s recognize the alleged reason he claims he is arrested:

This is not a game for me. This is not for clout. I’ve had Karens call the cops on my family simply because we were having loud sex.

Hm. “Not for clout.” Yeah. Does this sound like a man who has any credibility?

You can go to his Instagram page yourself to see him twerking to the camera, smoking bongs, and celebrating black power on Juneteenth.

For these reasons, I am quite confident that this man is lying about being called a racial slur. Instead, I’m quite confident that HE is the racist in this situation.

He is a LIAR. And these lies have power.

UPDATE 1: It also seems that this man has a criminal history, including “Offer for prostitution” in Florida in 2010 and Malicious Mischief, which is some sort of property crime. Also, it seems that a protective order was instituted against him in June of 2019 for similar actions and lies against a different woman.

UPDATE 2: It also seems that this is a pattern:

The Danger is Real, as the Woman’s Fears Came True

The next thing to notice is that this woman was definitely afraid, and her reaction may have been more than what was warranted. But it’s important to note that she wasn’t irrationally afraid. She stated what she was worried about at the very beginning of the video:

“You’re going to post it and call me a Karen”

“You’re going to ruin my life and you don’t even know me!”

And it happened. He posted it. He tried to ruin her life. For example:

I think that’s enough to show the harm, though it’s not the end of the list. The man wanted fame and attention, and he tortured a woman to get it. We watched it on video.

This is evil, that man is evil, and this man is not alone. This man and those like him should repent, as well as the news outlets that spread the slander.

Until they do, I’m going to defend the weak. I recommend you do so, as well.

Reflection and Conclusion

But there’s something else I’d like to say about this situation.

Though it is clear that the Videoer is a liar, in the wrong, someone who takes pleasure in (falsely) feeling that he is a victim, and revels in exercising the power of (false) moral superiority over others, there’s something else that needs to be recognized, too.

There’s also something worrying about the woman’s reaction. It is worrying in the same reason that the following men’s reactions are worrying when a Black Lives Matter (TM) “protest” violently broke their windows, and their reaction is to scream “We’re on your side! We’re on your side!” all to no avail.

With all respect that is due to these victims of crimes (whether illegal recording and defamation or broken windows), I also must say something else: Their reactions comes across as grovelling and shamefully subservient. I have sympathy for them, because I would hate to endure what these people have endured, but I also know that I wouldn’t want to look like that when the trouble comes.

While I do not want to pass harsh judgment on these people, I also must recognize that their current course of action is not right. It does not lead to peace. It does not lead to resolution. As the video shows, it doesn’t even lead to safety. These evil people are coming for you, and apologizing to them will not help.

That is because these normal people are trying to reason with evil people who take pleasure in hurting them. They are victims of crimes, and to stop the evil crimes, they must become strong and stand up for the truth.

So never apologize for rejecting lies. NEVER do that. Be brave. Stand up, and do not be ashamed. When evil people come to you, march down your street, or destroy your towns, do not give into their lies.

Most importantly, don’t believe their lies. Be strong enough to stand with courage and with purpose when evil people come at you with their phones, spewing lies in order to get you fired, make you hated, and turn themselves into victims.

Surround yourself with communities that can tell a lie about you from the truth about you. Be that community for someone else. And walk blamelessly, because the times are evil.

To Be Continued…

This post has been cut short. The next post will document how these private acts of evil are not actually “private” at all. Instead, we need to realize that we’re watching an actual revolution take place.

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    Hi I am Carlos’s adopted mom. If you want to discuss this incident further then please contact me

    Carlos is just a cruel person

    My husband and I adopted him when he was 10 and we tried so many things to try and help our son. Unfortunately he has a tormented soul

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