Weird Biblical Chronology – The Antediluvian Kings Lists of Genesis

In the previous post, we explained what it means when Noah “leaves the timeline.” Now we’re going to explain another part of the timeline above, namely: what it means that Noah and his family “start to rule as kings.”

Weird Biblical Chronology – Where Did Noah Go In The Ark?

Noah “left the timeline” and “leaving the timeline” means that Noah went to heaven where he was not subject to the normal rules of time. I know how crazy this sounds, but I don’t care. I’m serious, and I’m going to defend it. By the end of this post, my goal is not for you to believe this is any less “crazy,” (because there’s no hope there). Instead, it is merely my goal to show that things that we know are crazy are not as implausible as we previously thought.

Multiple “Sons of God” in a Weird Part of Scripture

This post is a throw-back to my “Weird Parts of Scripture” series. If you’re interested, a while back, I wrote a crazy series that took Atlantis seriously and that spent a lot of time on Noah and the Flood. I even wrote a really fun piece about “Titans” in the Bible, and I followed it…

Motion Alleges Witness Coercion George Floyd Trials

The previous post covered the strange things that seemed to be happening with the jury, and a separate witness intimidation of the Defense’s use-of-force expert. However, that is not the craziest thing to happen in the post-verdict part of the Derek Chauvin case. The craziest thing seems to be what was just revealed in a…

Derek Chauvin Jurors and the Motion to Vacate

Welp, looks like that’s over, and I was wrong. I was predicting that Derek Chauvin would be found innocent based on what I saw in the trial. However, on April 20, 2021, Derek Chauvin was found guilty. Therefore, I suppose that it is the end of all that. Except that is probably not the end of that. Here’s why.

What the Bible Says About “Sexuality”

This post might seem to be covering old ground because the culture wars on sexuality are long over, and it looks like we lost. But this post is NOT about a culture war issue, about what laws should be passed, or what types of marriages should be recognized in America, etc. etc. That’s a conversation…

The Utter Defeat of Satan by Christ

There is something funny in scripture that I’ve noticed. I do not think it gets enough attention. We all know that God is good and powerful and mighty and victorious, etc. etc. But I’ve noticed that God is also quite a show off. This is particularly reflected in the following passage from 1 Corinthians: But God…

A Review of the Trial of Derek Chauvin

If Derek Chauvin is found “not guilty,” he will not be found “not guilty” based on some complicated legal technicality, a burden of proof problem, or anything like that. Instead, he will be found “not guilty” because the evidence did not exist to convict him of a crime. More than that, it is most likely he will be found “not guilty” because he is actually innocent, not merely “not guilty.”

“Night and Day”

What would one profit and what would be gained, 
If everything seen in the day was attained? 
What would one forfeit and what would be lost,  
If everything seen in the night was the cost?  

Easter Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

This Sunday is Easter, and in light of this coming Holiday, I want to try to tell you something about it that you may have never known. That’s a pretty big lift, but I’m going to try anyway. Get ready, because this one might blow your socks off. We know that Jesus is the Passover…