A Funny Thing About the Constellation of Virgo

If you look East in the springtime, between sundown and around nine o’clock in the evening, you will see a constellation rising over the horizon. That constellation is Virgo. As the year progresses, Virgo will be further and further west at sundown, traveling along the ecliptic, as Virgo is one of the 12 Zodiac signs…

What the Bible Says About “Sexuality”

This post might seem to be covering old ground because the culture wars on sexuality are long over, and it looks like we lost. But this post is NOT about a culture war issue, about what laws should be passed, or what types of marriages should be recognized in America, etc. etc. That’s a conversation…

How Did The Planets Get Their Names?

This post isn’t about remembering the planet names. This post is about remembering WHY the planets are named what they are named. Everybody knows that the planets correspond to classical characters in mythology. But I’m answering the question “Why did the ancients connect THAT spot of light — and not any other spot of light — to this PARTICULAR deity — and not another deity?”

As I’d like to show, there is actually an answer.