When Life-Saving Rules Make You Want to Die

The problem here is that I don’t know which rules are more important than others. Science may give us some info on this. However, your location, your town’s population density, your medical history, and your age, job, or whatever else may be equally important. Just be aware. Keep in mind your area’s hospital capacity. Keep in mind your neighbor’s worries. Keep in mind your obligations. Keep in mind the legitimate authority of the government. Keep it all in mind, and then make your decisions.

So, to my readers: Wear a mask, or at least be ready to wear a mask. Learn how to be kind to people who have different opinions about what they value. Be kind. Don’t be harsh. Be ready to serve. Don’t be judgmental. Celebrate your freedom, especially your freedom to love and serve one another.

Posts From the Pandemic

The pandemic persists. COVID continues. Kung-flu might get you. Rona got real. And I am still writing. Therefore, in keeping with the times, this page is a collection of posts on masks, social distancing, crappy rules, fear, and how people should deal with circumstances that just absolutely stink. There are three parts: This first post…